My Internationalized Dvorak Keyboard Layout Graduates to 1.1

After some thought, I decided that I didn’t really need the multiplication operator (deadkey + “equals”).  After all, it has been more than a decade since I was introduced to Algebra—when the “x” shape transitioned from operator to operand.  I next thought about what might be a suitable addition to that key, both in terms of similar context and a symbol which I might actually use.  The result is that version 1.1 of Rob’s Dvorak International Extended keyboard layout (that’s the name used in the file itself) includes the often imitated “does not equal” sign.

Yes, friends!  No more settling for the horrendously wide “=/=,” no more dipping into your coding lexicon for “!=,” now you can simply use deadkey + “equals” to get ≠!  Not only does that put the new character in good company, it also makes it simple to remember: what could be simpler than Right Alt + “=” = “≠” (type that three times fast)?

Also new in this edition of the layout is a new way to download it. You can download the file directly, or download a bzipped tarball which contains everything (including preview images for each edition of the layout). Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without a preview of the new layout.

An image previewing the keyboard layout discussed in this post

For more information, please see my original announcement of the layout.

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