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“If we fail to antic­i­pate the unfore­seen or expect the unex­pect­ed in a uni­verse of infi­nite pos­si­bil­i­ties, we may find our­selves at the mer­cy of any­one or any­thing that can­not be pro­grammed, cat­e­go­rized, or eas­i­ly referenced.”

Giving WindowMaker Another Try

Once upon a time, I was a Lin­ux user who had just grad­u­at­ed from n00b to adventurer.  I loved the flex­i­bil­i­ty pro­vid­ed by Unix, and the free­dom pro­vid­ed by open source software.  Min­i­mal­ist graph­i­cal user inter­faces appealed to me, before I ever dared to shed X entire­ly, and enlight­en­ment was the great­est thing that ever […]

Fun with Free Software

I know I’ve left this site aban­doned for far too long, and I may start post­ing some things I’ve writ­ten in the inter­im as a way to make up for lost time.  How­ev­er, I final­ly have some new con­tent I feel like shar­ing. After enjoy­ing Com­put­er World’s East­er Egg col­lec­tion, I decid­ed to have a […]