Giving WindowMaker Another Try

Once upon a time, I was a Linux user who had just graduated from n00b to adventurer.  I loved the flexibility provided by Unix, and the freedom provided by open source software.  Minimalist graphical user interfaces appealed to me, before I ever dared to shed X entirely, and enlightenment was the greatest thing that ever happened.  In the years since then, I’ve stuck to either KDE 3 or GNOME because I absolutely love Compiz.  I can scarcely live a week without the full screen zoom, color negative toggle, and real-time brightness control.

I first tried WindowMaker about three years ago, ironically running the same version I’m running right now.  I loved the performance, dockapps, and the NeXT-y look.  Of course, I eventually succumbed to the call of Compiz.  Whether it’s my aging laptop that crams a 1024×768 resolution into a 12 inch screen or my 24 inch monitor that displays tiny pixels at 1920×1200, I have a genuine need for a high quality zoom.

This time I will stick with WindowMaker, forsaking all others, until such as time as XZoom finally drives me insane.  All those giant pixels representing the zoomed region, it’s so…2004.  Then again, the look of WindowMaker is pretty much 1994.  Oh well, the purple theme goes well with the Ambiance GTK style which debuted in Ubuntu 10.04.  Come to think of it, why the hell can’t the GNOME Appearance dialog export the settings to ~/.gtkrc-2.0?  Why does GNOME continue it’s march away from the beautiful simplicity of Unix? That is a rant for another time; I leave you with a screenshot.

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