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Version 1.2 of My Internationalized Dvorak Layout

I was pretty sure that I’d arrived at my perfect keyboard layout, but tonight I discovered one more character to which I’d like to have easy access. This version of the layout moves the pre-algebra style division symbol to the previous location of the upside down question mark, while the upside down question mark moves […]

My Internationalized Dvorak Keyboard Layout Graduates to 1.1

After some thought, I decided that I didn’t really need the multiplication operator (deadkey + “equals”).  After all, it has been more than a decade since I was introduced to Algebra—when the “x” shape transitioned from operator to operand.  I next thought about what might be a suitable addition to that key, both in terms […]

My Internationalized Dvorak Keyboard Layout

This is an object lesson in the flexibility provided by two principles of Unix-like operating systems: 1. Everything is a file. 2. Almost every file is human-readable text. Most important to this project was a corollary to the second point: that which can be read can be edited. Searching Google for “Dvorak international layout” resulted […]