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Re: Imam says violence will ensue if Pk 51 isn’t built

Note: This is a direct reply to a forum post I encountered last Thursday. The text above the video on the page you linked greatly misconstrues what the Imam said in the video. If the author of that article has evidence to support his claim, he should present it. What the Imam said had nothing […]

Giving WindowMaker Another Try

Once upon a time, I was a Linux user who had just graduated from n00b to adventurer.  I loved the flexibility provided by Unix, and the freedom provided by open source software.  Minimalist graphical user interfaces appealed to me, before I ever dared to shed X entirely, and enlightenment was the greatest thing that ever […]

My Internationalized Dvorak Keyboard Layout Graduates to 1.1

After some thought, I decided that I didn’t really need the multiplication operator (deadkey + “equals”).  After all, it has been more than a decade since I was introduced to Algebra—when the “x” shape transitioned from operator to operand.  I next thought about what might be a suitable addition to that key, both in terms […]

My Internationalized Dvorak Keyboard Layout

This is an object lesson in the flexibility provided by two principles of Unix-like operating systems: 1. Everything is a file. 2. Almost every file is human-readable text. Most important to this project was a corollary to the second point: that which can be read can be edited. Searching Google for “Dvorak international layout” resulted […]