Version 1.2 of My Internationalized Dvorak Layout

I was pret­ty sure that I’d arrived at my per­fect key­board lay­out, but tonight I dis­cov­ered one more char­ac­ter to which I’d like to have easy access.

This ver­sion of the lay­out moves the pre-alge­bra style divi­sion sym­bol to the pre­vi­ous loca­tion of the upside down ques­tion mark, while the upside down ques­tion mark moves to the upper row of that key (mean­ing that Shift must be added to its pre­vi­ous key sequence).  That move made it pos­si­ble to add the “≈” char­ac­ter, which is typ­i­cal­ly used to show approx­i­mate equality.  That’s right folks, there’s not need to abuse the tilde any longer!

As was the case for the pre­vi­ous ver­sion of my lay­out, you can down­load the lay­out file direct­ly, or down­load a bzipped tar­ball which con­tains every­thing (includ­ing pre­view images for each edi­tion of the lay­out). Of course, this post would­n’t be com­plete with­out a pre­view of the new layout.

An image previewing the keyboard layout discussed in this post

For more infor­ma­tion, please see my orig­i­nal announce­ment of the layout.

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My Internationalized Dvorak Keyboard Layout

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