Version 1.2 of My Internationalized Dvorak Layout

I was pretty sure that I’d arrived at my perfect keyboard layout, but tonight I discovered one more character to which I’d like to have easy access.

This version of the layout moves the pre-algebra style division symbol to the previous location of the upside down question mark, while the upside down question mark moves to the upper row of that key (meaning that Shift must be added to its previous key sequence).  That move made it possible to add the “≈” character, which is typically used to show approximate equality.  That’s right folks, there’s not need to abuse the tilde any longer!

As was the case for the previous version of my layout, you can download the layout file directly, or download a bzipped tarball which contains everything (including preview images for each edition of the layout). Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without a preview of the new layout.

An image previewing the keyboard layout discussed in this post

For more information, please see my original announcement of the layout.

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